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Myth vs. Fact

What They're Saying About the No Surprises Act

Feb 14, 2024

418 Rural Hospitals at Risk of Closure, Breakdown by State

Becker's Healthcare

Feb 7, 2024

Big Payers Ranked by 2023 Profit

Becker's Healthcare

Feb 7, 2024

AHA Calls for More Payer Oversight in No Surprises Dispute Resolution

Yahoo Finance

Jan 26, 2024

Sean Shaw: Health Insurers are Consolidating Influence Over the Health Care System

Florida Politics

Oct 18, 2023

Health Inflation’s Big Hike This Year, in Charts

The Wall Street Journal

Oct 8, 2023

84% Increase of Healthcare Bankrupticies Due to No Surprises Act

Aug 4, 2023

Health Insurers Ignore Surprise Billing Decisions, Providers Allege

Healthcare Dive

Aug 3, 2023

Doctors say insurers are ignoring orders to pay surprise billing disputes


Jul 6, 2023

Healthcare Workers Keep Calling it Quits

Becker's Hospital Review

Jun 9, 2023

40 hospitals closing departments or ending services

Becker's Healthcare

Jun 5, 2023

Layoffs are Ramping up Among Hospitals and Health Systems

Fierce Healthcare

Mar 16, 2023

1A Remaking America: What Happens To A Community When A Hospital Closes?

National Public Radio

Mar 1, 2023

AdventHealth lost $839M in 2022 after gains in 2021

Modern Healthcare

Mar 1, 2023

Cleveland Clinic's losses exceed $1 billion in 2022

Modern Healthcare

Feb 16, 2023

Higher Bills Are Leading Americans to Delay Medical Care

The New York Times

Feb 8, 2023

More rural hospitals slash services, study shows

Modern Healthcare

Jan 3, 2023

631 hospitals at risk of closure, state by state

Becker's Hospital Review

Dec 9, 2022

A Rural Hospital’s Excruciating Choice: $3.2 Million a Year or Inpatient Care?

The New York Times

Dec 1, 2022

More Texas hospitals risk closing their doors as Medicare cuts loom

Modern Healthcare

Nov 1, 2022

Hospital and health systems' dire finances are spurring layoffs

Fierce Healthcare

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