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Protecting Patient Access from Insurer Abuse

Americans for Fair Health Care (AFHC) is a coalition of clinical and advocacy organizations dedicated to the mission of protecting patient access to care by supporting America’s hospitals and the medical providers that serve them.

Among our priorities is advocating for sustainable commercial health insurance behavior. Today, insurer abuse takes many forms, including unfair claims denials, unfounded claims down-coding, deep reimbursement reductions, excessive delays in claims processing, and access-impacting contract terminations. No matter its form, insurer abuse has one impact in common: it strain the ability of America’s hospitals and medical providers to deliver the care their patients need.

That’s why AFHC members are working with community partners and concerned policymakers to combat insurer abuse and secure targeted action that protects patients, clinicians, and their communities.

Given the vital importance of hospitals and the patient-clinician relationship to deliver patient-centered care, we urge Congress and the Administration to combat insurer abuse and undertake targeted action that will protect patients, clinicians, and our communities.
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