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The latest alerts from AFHC

“Shared Savings” is Fleecing Struggling Communities

Insurers’ “Shared Savings” Kickback Scheme poses a serious risk – including to America’s low-income communities.

Insurers Are Engaging in a “Shared Savings” Kickback Scheme

Some insurers are reaping billions by engineering a sharp rise in out-of-network care and then hitting employers with bogus “shared savings” fees.

Insurers Are Profiting from “Pay-Day Loans” – and Putting Providers At Serious Risk

Having created a crisis with slashed rates and terminated contracts, insurers are now capitalizing on the pain they’ve caused.

Insurers Are Exploiting the NSA – CMS’ Data Proves It

CMS data underscores the IDR process’ importance in protecting providers from insurer violations of the letter and spirit of the No Surprises Act.

Out-of-Network: Then and Now

Out-of-network care was enjoying a steady decline prior to the No Surprises Act – but that progress is now being reversed due to abusive insurer action.

A ‘Perfect Storm’ for Health Care Providers

Higher operating costs, lower reimbursement, and egregious insurer abuse are putting patients, practices, and communities at risk.

Payers Are Impeding Timely Access to Mammograms

Rate cuts and contract terminations are causing network contraction, especially but not solely in rural communities.

Payers Are Denying Coverage for Breast Cancer Screening

Clinicians are pushed out of network, coverage is denied, and patients are being put at dire risk.

Payers Are Denying Coverage to At-Risk Patients

Childbirth anesthesia, resuscitation of premature infants, and other essential services are being rejected.

Payers Are Passing Surprise Costs on to Patients

Some payers are illegally imposing surprise costs on patients in direct violation of the NSA

NSA Implementation Issues Are Failing Patients & Providers

Payers Are Shredding Contracts and Slashing Rates

Payers’ Tangled Ties to IDREs

The NSA prohibits payers and IDREs from having financial ties – but some do anyway.

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